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And following their energetic offering of You're My Best Friend, they then posted a message that read: 'Walking offstage @ the Freddie for a Day gig, and Brian May is applauding us : O!

Cover Drive are a four-piece band from Barbados consisting of Amanda Reifer, T-Ray Armstrong, Barry "Bar-Man" Hill and Jamar Harding.

,” said Amanda Reifer, as the other three bandmates nodded their heads vigourously. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their second album. The series is on You Tube called Chasing Cover Drive. Amanda called it too real: “He pulls out the camera in my worst moments.” Jamar doesn’t escape though, as the band says the last two episodes are mostly about him.

“We have played for hundreds, and thousands and also for one person on this tour . They were so broke at one time they shared three donuts among them for a whole day. Jamar was the man behind the camera, filming their good and bad and worst days.

In 2012 Twilight was one of them, then Sparks, Explode and Turn Up The Love (double platinum in Australia). Now we were not only writing songs, but we were producing, mixing, mastering and marketing. The band has played in cafes, schoolrooms and big, festival-style stages.

Check out the SUPER cute pic (above) of the two’s encounter!

Harry Styles has the reputation for being the One Direction’s ladies’ man, but Niall Horan seems to be vying for his position.

The Irishman, 18, hit the headlines last week after sending Demi Lovato a cute birthday message on Twitter.

the valleys and the mountains of life.” T-Ray said, unashamedly, that one reason also for coming home was financial. We also wanted to be very creative with the album and felt better doing it home.” The band was talking to EASY magazine before their Hennessy Artistry performance last week Saturday. “We had over 100 songs and of course whittled it down to 12. That was a big year for us as we opened for Rihanna at her mega concert in Barbados so that was a huge deal for us,” said Amanda. “We learnt how to be a self-sufficient unit and do some self reflection,” said T-Ray. Nothing as high profile as previous gigs at Wembley Stadium. Members alternate with driving – and a heated discussion over who should not drive cropped up. That also created a debate, with Amanda not backing down.

We pay for everything as we are no longer on a label. They got signed to a label in London and moved to the British capital and worked on their first album for over a year. The band came home and spent a year and half in Barbados to re-evaluate and work on themselves and their sound. The band has clocked hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, with gigs 15 hours apart that means sometimes hitting the stage half-dead.

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